Parent Resources: Wellness & Health Education for Teens and Younger

Tools and guides to help parents of teens and younger with topics such as puberty, social media, physical and mental health, anatomy, social & emotional wellness, adolescent sexual health, parenting workshops, and more.

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As with all aspects of parenting, these resources are available to you to read and use as you see fit in your family. We are not promoting any one way of parenting adolescents, simply offering resources for you to use at your discretion.

This is in no way a comprehensive list of parent resources. If you have some you love, please let us know about them by emailing us at

The Puberty Podcast

The Puberty Podcast weaves together scientific research, parenting strategies, and hilarious stories to help guide adults who are raising kids through puberty.

Common Sense Media: Podcasts

A list of podcasts for teens (and younger), with reviews of content to help parents to make decisions on media for their children.

Common Sense Media: Health and Wellness Websites

These thoughtful sites give kids and teens a forum where they can ask honest questions and get candid responses about their physical and mental health.

Trailhead Institute

Standards that focus on physical and personal wellness, social and emotional wellness, prevention and risk management

Provides skills-based health education focused on teaching health content through the health skills of:

    • Decision making
    • Advocacy
    • Interpersonal communication
    • Self-management
    • Access to medically accurate information
    • Analyzing influences
    • Goal setting

American Academy of Pediatrics: Adolescent Sexual Health

A collection of tools and resources for parents and families from the AAP

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